For Overseas Customers

For Overseas Customers


[About Reservations]

Pasania is a natural wine-conscious restaurant and reservations are required.
We do not accept Walk-In.
The restaurant is closed on days when no bookings are made before the restaurant opens.

Reservations for the date ahead are accepted only for customers who wish to order the spice set.

We only accept reservations from the person who will be coming to the restaurant.
We do not accept reservations from proxies.

Reservations from overseas customers can be made via email, Pasania’s Facebook page or Instagram messages.
Reservations are accepted one month in advance.

Due to various social networking systems, we may not be able to reply to enquiries on the day due to the delay in notifications reaching us. If you wish to book on the day, please contact the restaurant directly.

Business hours
18:00-22:00 (last order at 21:00)
Reservations required, open irregular holidays, up to 4 persons per group

For reservations, please provide the following information,so that we can communicate smoothly.
・Date and time of your request
・Number of persons
・Full name
・Phone or e-mail address where you can be reached during your stay
・Food allergies
・Other contact information if any
Please let us know

Please use an email address or SNS account where we can contact you during your stay in Japan.

Please note the following points when making a reservation.
Smoking is not allowed in the building (including electronic devices). We would like you to enjoy the aroma of wine, so we may refuse entry if you are wearing fabric softener, perfume, hair dresser, deodorant, etc. that contain strong fragrances.

We accept a maximum of 4 people per group.

Example of Spice Set
The dishes are prepared with the essence of South Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines to be paired with natural wine.
The price per person is 3,800 JPY (tax included) for an appetizer and two stewed dishes, excluding okonomiyaki and beverages.
After these dishes, please choose your favorite okonomiyaki, yakisoba or yakiudon from the menu.

Assorted appetizers (The menu changes with the seasons.)
・Tsuna with Nepalese pepper
・”Iriko”(Japanese small dry fish) and taro purée
・Butternut Pumpkin and Bean Purée
・Spiced greens leaves
・Vegetables with yogurt (avial)
・Marinated cucumber and mint
・Olive achard

Stewed (like south indian cuisine)
・Stewed Mackerel with Tamarind and Tomato
・Stewed Spiced Chicken
Served with mini parota