For International Guest

[For International Guests]

Our okonomiyaki builds on a family tradition started by my aunt and uncle in 1965. We honour Osaka’s classic flavours while creating a refined taste experience – think traditional ingredients like those found in Amagasaki’s famous WANDAFURU brand sauce, elevated to perfectly complement our natural wine selection.

[About Reservations]

Pasania is a natural wine restaurant and reservations are required. We do not accept walk-ins.
On days when no reservations have been made before our opening hours, the restaurant will remain closed.

Reservations for the following day will only be accepted from customers wishing to order our spice set.


– Reservations will only be accepted from the person wishing to dine in our restaurant. We do not accept bookings by proxy.
– Overseas customers can make reservations via email (, Pasania’s Facebook page or Instagram messages.
Reservations can be made up to one month in advance.
– If you wish to book for the same day and contact us via social media or email, our response may not be immediate. In such cases, we recommend that you make your reservation by telephone. Our restaurant is strictly by reservation and does not accept walk-ins.

[Opening Hour]

– 18:00 to 23:00 (last in at 20:00)
– Reservations are required.
– Groups of up to 4 are welcome.


When making a reservation, please provide the following information to ensure smooth communication

– Date and preferred time
– Number of guests
– Full name
– Telephone number, email address or SNS account where we can contact you during your stay
– Any food allergies
– Additional contact details, if applicable

[Important Notes.]

– Smoking (including electronic devices) is prohibited on our premises.
– In order to fully appreciate the aromas of the wines, we may refuse entry if you are wearing strong perfumes such as fabric softener, perfume, hair products or deodorant.

Example of a spice set: Our dishes are crafted with the essence of South Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine to complement our natural wines. The price per person is JPY 3,800.

[about us]

Our Osaka-style okonomiyaki restaurant has been a beloved local institution since 1965. My sister and I proudly carry on this three-generation tradition, honoring our family recipe while offering a modern twist with natural wines and vibrant spices.

I’m endlessly fascinated by the way food cultures migrate and evolve around the world. Dishes tell stories of history and adaptation, shaping our palates and expanding our understanding of flavor. It’s a beautiful, ever-changing culinary mosaic.

My work in the restaurant ignited a passion for exploring the deeper connections between food and culture. I’m particularly captivated by olfaction – the sense of smell – and its profound role in our perception of flavor. This complex interplay goes far beyond simple taste.

Furthermore, I strongly believe the future of food lies in ethical practices. Sustainable sourcing, responsible agriculture, and respecting culinary heritage are essential for a truly fulfilling food culture.

Every time I cook, I’m inspired by the incredible journeys ingredients take, the way they connect cultures across time and space. My goal is to create dining experiences that delight the senses while also sparking a deeper appreciation for the rich history and traditions behind every dish.